Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine



Trying to get pregnant at age 35, after 15 years on birth control pills and a diagnosis of PCOS, I wanted to try a natural alternative before turning to medical fertility treatments. Less than a year later I'm halfway through a normal pregnancy. I recommend AcuHealthCare but for more than just results.  Kate is a whole-body healer. She not only explains every step of the acupuncture and herbal treatments, listens to and counsels her patients, but truly cares about the health and happiness of every person who passes through her doors.
Having done sports for quite a few years I had knee problems and over-training injuries before getting whiplash.  Conventional/Western medicine didn't seem to help and when nothing was improving with time, I tried acupuncture even though I was apprehensive that it would hurt, I was tired of being in pain. My fears were unfounded, it didn't hurt and although it could sometimes be draining, the results were always more than worth it.


Kate was a fantastic, sensitive and sympathetic practitioner who listened and applied her expertise using all the methods possible to treat me. With her help I have been able to exercise again. I would recommend both her and acupuncture highly to anyone.



With a long standing history of severe migraines since age 7, at age 32, I decided to look into acupuncture and herbal medicine. I had reached the point of not wanting to keep filling my body with the conventional western pills in an attempt to cure the immediate migraine, but instead wanted to prevent them happening at all. With such a long history of migraines, I was initially sceptical (how can a few needles and herbs help something modern day medicine can't?) as well as worried (due to my needle phobia!).

Kate really took the time to listen, understand the problem and take a very client centered approach by considering me as a whole. She made me feel comfortable, relaxed and confident in her skills and the power of acupuncture and herbal medicine alongside encouraging me to see my own role to play in maintaining my health. I genuinely felt she strove to prevent my migraines as if they were her own and when I went from having several migraines a week to my first month migraine free Kate was as overjoyed as I was. I now whole-heartedly believe in acupuncture and herbal medicine and would recommend this above western means. In addition, I would have no hesitation at all in highly recommending Kate for her sensitive and skilled approach.